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Real Purpose of Chemtrails Revealed by Ex Government Employee | 4.10.15 | "Video - A short compelling interview with ex-government employee, the late AC Griffith, who discusses the US military’s purpose of chemtrails." "“If the government told the people of the nature of the experiments, I believe the citizens would physically attack the government employees and scientists involved.” ~ AC Griffith"


Learning about genetics, starting with Griffith's experiment and then how Avery, McCloed and McCarty built on it.

from Lia Griffith

Easy DIY Envelope Pillow Covers

I am that girl who makes everything...paper flower, sewing projects, upcycled furniture. I share my projects, printables and tutorials with you on my blog to inspire everyone to add a little craftiness to their lives.


Chapter 10 DNA 10.1 Discovery of DNA Griffith’s Experiments (1928) Griffith’s Experiments (1928) Griffith’s experiments showed that hereditary material.