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Groomsmen Tartan Kilt Colours

from MacGregor & MacDuff

Children's Kilt Hire

A Kilt is for life, not just a wedding. I feel sorry for my future husband (and groomsmen) if he/they were not of Scottish or Irish descent....they are all still going to have to wear a kilt because this was always a proviso of mine for my future wedding - my husband at least, would need to wear a kilt at some point; whether it be at the wedding itself, the reception or both, hahaha.


Royal Stewart Tartan. Interesting background. My maternal grandfather's side wore this tartan. The groom and groomsmen all wore this tartan when hubby and I married


Dress Gordon - Shot through with bands of yellow and white, this is an adaptation of the Black Watch tartan. A Prince Charlie jacket, semi-dress sporran and a bow tie make this perfect occasionwear. Top tip - a self tie bow tie although tricky to do is worth the extra effort