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Investing - Rental Property Calculator ROI

Investing - Rental Property Calculator determines: Cash Flow Statement, Depreciation, Gross Profit - Operating Income, Return on Investment, Cap Rate, Rate of Return and much more!


Romney doubles Obama's charitable giving - Mitt Romney's presidential campaign is releasing a brief summary of 20 years of tax returns on Friday, and his accountant says it will show he gave 13.45 percent of his adjusted gross income to charities. That's nearly twice the rate of President Obama, who according to his tax returns from 2000 through 2011 donated just less than 7 percent of his adjusted gross income to charities.

Poorest households pay 47% of gross income in #tax (#UK #auterity #bedroomtax)

A report just published by the Taxpayer’s Alliance has found that the poorest 10% of households in the UK pay 47% of their gross income in direct and indirect taxes. Analysis of Office for National...

Where Do You Rank as a Taxpayer?

To help answer such questions, we created a tool to show how the nation’s taxable income and the country’s federal income tax bill are distributed among its citizens. With our simple calculator, enter a single number from your latest tax return, and you’ll instantly know the answer. The latest numbers from the IRS–based on just-released data from 2013 tax returns–show what it takes to be among the top 1% of income earners: At least $428,713 of adjusted gross income.

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn E-mailJune 2016 Income At-A-Glance Gross Income for June: $225,579 Total Expenses for June: $65,223 Total Net Profit for June: $160,356 Difference b/t June & May: +$7,970 Why We Publish An Income Report This monthly income report is created for you, Fire Nation! By documenting the struggles we encounter and the successes we celebrate as entrepreneurs every single month, …

Free State Fact #3 | New Hampshire offers the lowest tax burden as a percentage of gross income in the nation.


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