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Next, he ever slow gently moves his tiny hand from his tiny genitals up that tiny skirt of his daughter's and grabs that Hott daughter PUSSY. MMMMM yummmmmy.

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trying to think of which friend with gauges would let me re-enact this photo

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I love this. #wouldyoubebeautiful #chooseyourwordswisely #loveothers

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Grief, this when certain people will NOT stop putting stupid comments on my pins, but if you try to correct their ignorance, they assume you want to chatter. For hours. Stay quiet...stay quiet..

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It's like pinterest follows me around and records my thoughts then puts them up for me to find later.

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Literally Just 18 Really Fragile Straight People

When “gay” was apparently a bad word. | Literally Just 18 Really Fragile Straight People

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Fail by Error :: the gross kind of life juice | Tapastic - image 1

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Pinecest is... No offense, but slightly disturbing. They're siblings! It's just wrong.

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