HOT and DRY. Drought tolerant Ice Plant (Delosperma) is right at home along this cement curbside. Few sun perennials can take such less-than-forgiving locations yet still provide months of bloom all summer long.

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IRISH MOSS is a native plant that creates a creeping ground cover 1"-2" high sparkling with tiny white flowers for a short time in summer, particularly well-suited to rock gardens, or between stepping stones.

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Creeping Thyme is the ideal groundcover for the gardener that wants it all – utility, color, and even a lemony fragrance! A diminutive flower that grows usually no more than ½ a foot tall, Creeping Thyme is the ultimate low-maintenance perennial.

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Irish Moss Shade - Sun - Green all year - Irish Moss forms a lush emerald green carpet of moss-like foliage with delicate white flowers in midsummer. Hardy enough for sunny or shady locations. Flowers bloom on short 2-4" stalks. Irish Moss is just the ground cover you need for rock gardens and planting between stepping stones or pavers. Stays green all year. Plant 12" apart. Evergreen.

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Jasmine is a woody vine with fragrant blossoms that may be used as a climbing plant or a ground cover. Varieties of jasmine are variously known as Confederate Jasmine, Star Jasmine, Winter Jasmine or Asiatic Jasmine. Asiatic Jasmine is a true ground cover and will not grow in vine form and does not produce flowers or noticeable seeds. You can...

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Moss Rose (Portulaca Grandiflora White) - These sun-loving plants are easy to start from Moss Rose ground cover seed. Gardeners are rewarded by these easy-to-grow, low maintenance little ground cover plants that are so versatile and hardy. These little white blooms are incredibly sweet, and they will self-sow their own Moss Rose seed for next year's display.

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Catmint Blue Carpet - Don't spend big bucks on ground cover plants--one packet of Blue Carpet offers you all the coverage you need, quickly and permanently!

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