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Megatherium (Giant Ground Sloth). It weighed up to eight tons and upright stood about 20 ft tall. Went extinct in the Late Pleistocene


Giant Ground Sloth - Megatherium was one of the largest land mammals known, weighing up to 4 tonnes[8] and measuring up to 6 m (20 ft) in length from head to tail.[9][10] It is the largest known ground sloth, as big as modern elephants, and would have only been exceeded in its time by a few species of mammoth. The group is known primarily from its largest species, M. americanum. Megatherium species were members of the abundant Pleistocene megafauna, large mammals that lived during the…


The Giant Ground Sloth, Megatherium americanum, was 18 feet long, as big as an elephant, and lived in South America during the Pleistocene until just a few thousand years ago.  Other species from the size of a cat to that of the the giant ground sloth lived from the Arctic to  Antarctica.  They were hunted by humans and some believe humans may even have farmed them.


Megatherium ("Great Beast") was a genus of elephant-sized ground sloths endemic to Central and South America that lived from the late Pliocene through the end of the Pleistocene. Its size was exceeded by only a few other land mammals, including mammoths. There have been alleged sightings of the Giant Ground Sloth reported in the Amazon Rainforest of South America.