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Groundhog Day movie poster, with the falling "5:59" with which the film's fans are so familiar. But are *you* familiar with Groundhog Day's roots in history? Discover them here:

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50 Best Rom-Coms of All Time

Weatherman Phil (Bill Murray) finds himself living Groundhog Day over and over again. But, once he starts falling for Rita (Andie MacDowell), he realizes his seeming immortality can help him win her over as he tries various methods of courting her — and starts improving himself, too. If only real life had a redo button.

Groundhog Day is the ultimate deja vu film. "Deja vu" is French for "already seen." By the end of the movie, Bill Murray's character has "already seen" just about everything that the day can offer, so he can navigate through the day as if he were omniscient. What is the annual festival on February 2 really all about? And in real life, how should you handle having groundhogs in the garden? Here are the answers:

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Groundhog Day Minimalist Alternative Movie Print & Poster