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lizardmarsh: One Month Foster Needed To Keep Cat Out Of Pound Until Owner Can Claim! Houston TX: Urgent. 10y old owned cat--needs 1 mon...


So what is it all about? The Yulin Dog Eating Festival is a yearly tradition in Yulin, the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region of China. It is a festival deeply rooted in ancient Chinese tradition. It is also deeply rooted in animal cruelty. Stray dogs and cats are rounded up. Much loved pets are also illegally grabbed in order to satisfy the feeding frenzy that will take place. Animals are cruelly slaughtered many skinned alive.


SAFE! Manhattan Center KEPLER - A0997004 MALE, BROWN / WHITE, PIT BULL MIX, 3 yrs STRAY - ONHOLDHERE, HOLD FOR ID Reason STRAY Intake condition INJ MINOR Intake Date 04/17/2014, From NY 11419, DueOut Date 04/24/2014