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Group Of Five

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These could be good to use for reading stations. You could put them up in different areas of the classroom and when it is time for reading stations each group will know where to go for their station instead of having disorder and disorganization. (2750)

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I run five groups in my room. Each group has between four and six students, depending on the needs of the students... I run them as leveled...

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Whodini, hip-hop trio consisting of (t-b) vocalist John "Ecstasy" Fletcher, vocalist/lyricist Jalil Hutchins, & turntablist Drew "Grandmaster Dee" Carter. The group was among the 1st in hip hop to cultivate a high-profile national following, & made significant inroads on urban radio. Their oft-sampled songs, groundbreaking in hip-hop culture, include Friends, Freaks Come Out At Night, One Love, Be Yourself, Five Minutes of Funk, Magic's Wand, Funky Beat, The Haunted House of Rock, & Big…

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4th grade- In this five part series, see all the pieces that come together for guided reading in Jenna Ogier's classroom. Students learn to work independently and rotate through stations, while Ms. Ogier meets with small groups of students and delivers a lesson at their level.

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Teach Kids About Healthy Eating with a Food Group Sorting Activity

FREE sorting activity for preschool and kindergarten to learn about the five main food groups. Teach kids about healthy eating and balanced meals. Includes both color and black and white versions and 20 images of food to sort in the correct group.

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Fusion of BonBon and Bonnet an original comic of Five nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. By RejectOutOfOrder

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Review: The Incredible Flexible You – A Social Thinking Curriculum for Preschool and Early Elementary Years

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Matching Sounds: a Five Senses Activity

Partner Pieces is a measurement activity for preschoolers that not only builds their sense of measurement by the use of math manipulatives, but it also introduces preschoolers to the concepts of measurement in their environment.

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