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Grout And Limescale Removers


5 Ways To Clean With Lemon

5 Ways To Clean With Lemon. ~Knew most of these tips, and have a 6th way; removing limescale in the shower from tiles and grout! Did that last week, works like a charm!


NATURAL BLEACH Mix up a paste of two parts bicarbonate of soda to one part lemon juice and get to work on the shower doors, grouting and bath and basin. Allow it to work its magic for ten minutes or so before washing away. The lemon juice acts as a natural bleach as well as attacking the limescale with its acidity.


Want to remove hard water and limescale from your grouting? Find out how and read our other top cleaning tips, at

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How to Fix Grout in a Shower

Cracked, brittle shower grout is an open invitation for mold, mildew and stains to set up house. It will take some time and effort to fix the grout but you will save money by doing the job yourself. ...


This Kind Handyman and I : When Your Tile Grout Turns White, This May Work... {Bathroom Progress} sulfamic acid cleaner


Hanafinn Eff-Erayza is a heavy duty cleaner for efflorescence and mineral residues. Eff-Erayza™ is a new technology safer acid cleaner for removing efflorescence, rust stains, limescale, grout haze, mortar mess and fireplace soot. Eff-Erayza™ is very powerful and generally more effective than traditional industrial acids but is non fuming, non-corrosive to metals (except for uncoated aluminium) and temporary contact does not burn skin.

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Seasonings That Take the Gaminess Out of Venison

How to Clean Wax Off of Lemons | eHow - handy tip when organics are hard too find or too expensive.

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How to Clean Grout With Organic Cleaner

Guy tests 6 cleansers on grimy shower doors. Results: Vinegar sucks at removing soap scum and hard water deposits (I know -- you really want vinegar to work. But it doesn't.) Bar Keepers Friend wins. Of course it does.

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