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A miracle grout paint product that seals as it stains, Polyblend Grout Renew is available in 40 colors -- MUST TRY!

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Obviously the inventors of this stuff have realized that no amount of scrubbing will clean grout, so painting it becomes the next best option. The pen is like a big white highlighter with a white paint that readily covers the grout.

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How to restore dirty tile grout! (Because crawling around on the bathroom floor with a toothbrush is my idea of fun!) May give this product a try if the cleaners don't do it...trying to find something that protects or seals worth a damn going forward

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Grout-Aide Markers

Grout paint! To freshen up all that dingy grout $12 for 2 pens.

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Grout refresh $11 from Lowes. I just used this in my bathroom and it works wonders! I'm so happy with my grout now, and you can change the color if you want.

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How to Paint Dirty Grout or Change the Grout Color

Like the stiff angled artist brush instead of a toothbrush. Looks like it is easier to control to avoid painting the tile so much

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Making Old Discolored Grout Look Like New

How You Like Me Now, Grout? (We used this technique in our shower - still looks fantastic 2 years later.)

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