How to Grow Celery - The Homestead Garden *All celery plants dislike hot summers. Sow it in the fall in hot areas or in early spring in cold climates.

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5 Tips for Growing Celery including growing celery from seed, watering celery, where to plant celery, when to plant celery and how to blanch celery.

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Grow your own celery from leftover stalk. Don't throw your celery stock away, Grow more celery. Amazing, free, delicious and good for you. Organic of course.

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It's apparently quite simple: just stand the base in a small dish of water for a week or so until new leaves appear in the center. The leaves will be yellow at first, and once they really emerge and turn green, you can plant the celery in the ground or in a pot.

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Here are the Foods that You Can Magically Regrow from Leftovers |Foodbeast

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Recycling is great, especially when you can recycle your food. Stop throwing those old scraps away, because believe it or not, those veggies can be regrown! Here are 22 foods that magically regrow, you’ll never have to buy celery again!

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