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DIY Garden Markers Inspired by Lois Ehlert

DIY Garden Markers Inspired by Lois Ehlert's Growing Vegetable Soup - Get ready to start your seeds with your kids this Spring by reading Lois Ehlert's Growing Garden boxed set and create your own DIY, permanent Garden Markers! They make for great Mother's Day gifts too | Gardening | DIY | Crafts for Kids | Kids Activities | Children's Books | Spring | Gardening with Kids | Mother's Day | Gift Ideas |


Planting Trees From Twigs

Planting Trees From Twigs | Save Money & Watch Your Garden Grow! | Gardening & Homesteading Tips And Ideas by Pioneer Settler at


How to Grow an Endless Supply of Garlic Indoors

There is a huge choice of plants that you can grow at your home. Garlic is a plant that is cheap and easy to grow. Did you know that by eating a whole head of garlic every day you can do miracles for your body? Garlic is a very simple ingredient but with extraordinary health ...


Growing Cucumbers Vertically

Learn how to grow cucumbers vertically to get the most productive plant. Growing cucumbers vertically also save lot of space, which is suitable for small gardens.


10 Easiest Veggies to Grow in Your Garden

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12 Easiest Plants for Kids to Grow

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Ultimate Printable Garden Planner

7 Secrets To Have A Continuously Productive Vegetable Garden

Companion planting: basil is often planted alongside tomatoes because it repels the tomato hornworm and is said to improve the tomatoes’ taste. Cold-frame structure to extend length of harvest.