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Growing Rhubarb

"everything you need to know about growing rhubarb"...I don't have the best climate for it, but in raised beds I might be able to pull it off. Maybe should plant in the middle of winter!

  • Therese Molander

    Just water it in the summer and place it in half-shadow and it should be fine!

  • Stormimay

    Southeast USA, hot and humid. I found a friend here who does grow it in the winter though, so I'll probably give it a shot!

  • Therese Molander

    I don't know where you live, but here in Sweden - rhubarb grows like magic beans. Perhaps you could import one of our varities?

Rhubarb: Planting, Growing, and Harvesting Rhubarb Plants. Sadly, our rhubarb plant did not make it through the winter. Planted a new one in a sunnier spot and hoping we'll see success next year!

The Ultimate Rhubarb Guide: Grow, Harvest, Cook & Preserve - An Oregon Cottage

What you dont know about growing rhubarb, but probably should.

I was at my local farm and garden store yesterday and spotted RHUBARB CROWNS!! You know what this means right? It's almost time to get busy gardening people! Wahooooo. If you have never grown rhubarb before, it's super easy. In fact it's so easy it's one...

How To Grow Rhubarb - perfect for the back of my garden

  • Christie Lewis

    Rhubarb just won't die here. hahaha. I actually used a shovel to cut it off just under the soil. I stuck it some where else and it STILL grew.

Growing asparagus. Perennial vegetable = only plant once! Good companions: rhubarb, strawberry, horseradish.

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Growing rhubarb. Might be interesting to have a plant or two and see if I can figure out how to use it. Maybe in a container until I know I want it the next year?

Rhubarb 101. Sort of funny since my grandmother grows hers, completely unattended, in her back alley with nothing resembling care.

Rhubarb! Easy to grow and grow in abundance!

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How to grow rhubarb - great tips on soil, planting, care, troubleshooting, harvest and storage!

Growing Rhubarb in your garden

Springtime means loads of new rhubarb, especially if you have it growing in the garden. If you're looking for something unusual to try with it, have a look at this recipe for making delicious sweet Rhubarb Wine.

Rhubarb - Growing Rhubarb in an Edible Landscape (NOTE: Rhubarb leaves are deadly poisonous if eaten)

Isn't this just dreamy? Home made baskets from sticks and then lettuce growing in the middle?? Love this!

Growing Asparagus and Rhubarb @ Common Sense Homesteading

Planting Rhubarb: How To Grow Rhubarb

Strawberry Rhubarb Vodka | I saw this and thought of you, Kendra Myers! I'll have to bring you vodka one day and you need to start growing rhubarb!!

If you're planting from root stock or crowns, plant or divide the roots/crowns in early spring while the plants are still dormant. This is the favored method for planting rhubarb, particularly in the Northern climates.

We love the pink and green contrast in the rhubarb stalks.

The secrets of growing rhubarb

Terra Cotta Rhubarb Forcers. I don't know what a forcer is but I love growing rhubarb so I am going to have to find out what I have been missing!

Companion Planting: Strawberries, Asparagus, Rhubarb and Horseradish

Rhubarb plants require very little care. In very dry periods during the summer a good watering goes a long way. Ultra-low maintenance crop. Great to start along side a garden shed.

Want to try something different in the garden? ... Darmera peltata... (Indian rhubarb or umbrella plant) Leaves can grow up to 24" wide. Can grow in moist or even boggy soil.