Source: The Wonder Weeks HOW TO USE THIS CHART: After speaking with the good folks at 'The Wonder Weeks', they want to encourage parents to remember that just because baby is in a 'stormy' period, it doesn't mean we should stop parenting them (with the mindset that "Oh! It's okay, they're just in a Wonder Week!") In fact, the exact opposite is true, baby needs you more during these stormy periods. If you are well-informed about each of the wonder weeks (and I encourage you to read up even…

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Babies will experience several "growth spurts" in the first few months of life. These are days when baby wants to nurse longer and more frequently to build up mother's milk supply. Follow baby's lead on this by letting him breastfeed as often and as long as he wants. This will help bring up milk supply quickly. #breastfeeding

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Check out our 2-3 month old baby sleep guide and get information on everything from growth spurts to short naps to recommended bedtimes. This is a comprehensive look at how to help your 2-3 month old baby sleep better:

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The Wonder Weeks book and chart, which uncovers the eight “fussy’’ phases (developmental leaps) in the first 14 months of bub’s life and shows you how to turn them into magical leaps forward.

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There are days when it seems like Baby N is nursing ALL THE TIME!! Yes, some of these are growth spurts, but when a baby feeds, its not always about nourishment. Breastfeeding is as much about nurturing, as it is about nutrition and nourishment. In the early days, I often used to complain that Baby …

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