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    Grunge room [Idk but my fave part is where you see in the mirror the dude/dudette is taking the photo]

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    grunge room ideas / vinyl records hanging on the wall / heart picture collage

    Tumblr room hippie indie boho grunge room Love this bed cover!!!

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    Genuinely want this to happen ☄

    Grunge room

    Can someone spell basically perfect grunge room? I had a storage shelf like that, why did I get rid of it

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    line tea lights on the bed headboard. hang posters and pictures and polaroids all over room.

    Again what I like about this imagery is that it isn't confined to a frame and that is relates exactly with my chosen theme. With bold lettering and buzz words and also the dark and moody imagery gets the overall feeling of both the grunge movement and and fashion trend.

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    If I got some fake sunflowers these would look cool in old jack daniels/smirnoff bottles :)

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