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{@wornoutindigo}Take me to the land of pastel goths so i may communicate with with my fellow intellectuals ☹☻

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IIDonuttCaree... I wouldn't neccessarily write THIS on my shoes... but this is the BEST IDEA EVER! -<3, Paige Palmer xx<3xx

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• photography girl nirvana rock style hipster vintage boho indie Grunge blonde outfit punk necklace creepers dark vintage blone plad dancinqelephants •

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t-shirt art white grunge alternative pale art is a way of survival fashion quote on it cool hipster style pale grunge white t-shirt cotton

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"I'm f**king okay!" Danielle Salvatore screams, running out the door in tears. "And the next person to ask me if I'm not is going to lose their head. Literally."

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Band tee, denim jacket, black skinnier, and timberland boots. Cute cute cuteness. Dat hair too, oh my gawd.

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