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Seriously thoughh...if I try to not eat bread, rice, cakes, cookies, pasta, and flour products in general...I start to feel like I'm dying haha. So the best I can do is reduce, but never eliminate altogether. My love for carbs is just too strong :P

I'm guessing he won't win many votes from abused women in Alaska or anywhere else - assuming these noble Alaskan men permit their wives to vote without beating the shit out of them first just to make sure they understand the principles of democratic freedom. Tell me madam, do you get a clothing allowance for being such a political whore ready to bleat inanities for a quick buck ?

Quotes Of The Day – 10 Pics


I need you. For the rest of my life. But if you can not B present at this time. Well then it's not going to be. I need you. My day would go a lot smoother and if you were here. I don't know what you want anymore. I have tried to give you everything right,I guess it's not enough. Lucky you, I give up.



I love reading these quotes because I can honestly say I finally have found the one they describe!❤️


You don't owe anybody an explanation, for any decisions you make, or otherwise. We are individually responsible for the life and happiness, that we create for ourselves.


From phonics to words with slide cards. Download. Print. Place inside an envelope with one end cut off. Gradually pull to reveal one letter at a time. This is a great way to help kids blend sounds gradually rather than 1) feeling overwhelmed and giving up or 2) guessing the word.