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Virtual Anarchy : Photo

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Check out A rant about California's latest gun control propositions at

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John Oliver Has A Good Point

The "shoes off" and the "no liquids" is a brain-dead attempt to re-assure Americans that the government is taking safety seriously. Yet, when a Surgeon General says that guns are a public safety issue, Americans are outraged.

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Gun Control

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Saying that we dont need guns because we have police is just ridiculous. The police cant be everywhere at once and are almost never around when a violent crime is committed. Just like having fire extinguishers because firemen are not always around, we should have guns for protection when the police arent around. - Urgent - Stop Gun Control

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Second Amendment, is part of the Supreme Law of The Land, The US Constitution. Everything else is a BS political anti-American Agenda !

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Trump Just Banned Guns At His Inauguration (He thinks they're fine in our classrooms, but not at his inauguration. ) Occupy Democrats, 12.31.16

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