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Sword Art Online 2 or Gun Gale Online! Can you believe the second season of this amazing anime is coming out tomorrow because I can't!

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Different Kirito's, ALO and SAO are out but GGO is from Sword Art Online's second season which just came out.

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Gun Gale Online - Yes this is Kazuta Kirigaya (Kirito), and yes it is a he. It is anime and a Full-dive game version of him, haha! He is not like that "in real life"... The feminine character chosen for him was random.

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Sword Art Online II - Kazuto Shino #2014summer #anime Season Preview:

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If you had the choice to play either Sword Art Online, ALfheim Online or Gun Gale Online, which game would you play? I go with SAO. ^_^

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Kirito (Gun Gale Online) Coloured by on @DeviantArt

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