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For many years now we have gained immense knowledge from our Gurus. The term Guru Purnima itself radiates knowledge. Here is what we have learnt from the letter 'G'. Come back tomorrow to learn what the letter 'U' teaches us.


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In this small excerpt from his 2014 Guru Purnima message, Dr. Pillai describes compassion from both scientific and spiritual perspectives. #drpillai #pillaicenter

Devotees around the world are eagerly waiting for Shirdi Gurupournima 2013 to offer their prayers to Shri Sai Baba.


Every Guru Purnima, Anandamayi Ma sent a message to those who could not be with Her. In 1973, Ma sent the following message: “He Bhagavan, kripa kare sparsh daa. He Atma Guru kripa koro!” This means: “O Lord, let me feel the touch of your grace; O Guru, the one Self, pour out your grace!”