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Gut Feeling


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.. True ... You're not paranoid... Or mentally unstable... Trust your gut instinct.. Trust me... I know.. JL


Gut feeling. And I feared them. I tried to ask if should fear them. But I listened to my heart...everything I thought I now think was true.


It's a shame how ppl can take advantage of someone with such a good heart like myself, but I'm not going to stop being good hearted to those I love I'm just going to cut off those who don't deserve

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Pay Attention to Your Gut Feelings (Live Life Happy)

Sometimes I want to ignore my intuition instead of facing the crappy reality.

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Change Your Thoughts

If something feels different in a relationship, the chances are something is wrong. Fix them if you feel the need to.

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Always trust your gut.It knows what your head hasn’t figured out .

Therefore it also needs looking after......invest in your intestine lol! It works hard for you in every way!

It is disappointing when a person proves to you that they are exactly who you never wanted them be. And you knew it all along.

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5 Tips for Building Muscle!

...and the fact that everyone else will soon know what a lying, drug addicted loser you are eats you up inside. Are you ready?

That feeling in your gut before and after shots. Ya..that's your God given intuition.