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Jirō Yoshihara was a Japanese painter. In 1954, he co-founded the avant-garde Gutai group in Osaka. He worked in surrealist and abstract expressionist painting styles before turning, in his final years, to the repeated depiction of circles reminiscent of "satori," the enlightenment of Zen. This white circle was made by leaving the canvas unpainted while painting the background black.


Atsuko Tanaka, “Work,” 1957, Courtesy and the Collection of Ashiya City Museum of Art & History ©Ryoji Ito.

from Lolabean

Takesada Matsutani

Japanese artist, Takesada Matsutani, a member of the Gutai Art Association. My favorites are the first and the last. photos from artnet


Kazuo Shiraga is a member of the first radical, post-war group in Japan, The Gutai group, manifesto expresses a fascination with the beauty that arises when things become damaged or decayed. The process of damage or destruction is celebrated as a way of revealing the inner "life" of a given material or object: "Yet what is interesting in this respect is the novel beauty to be found in works of art". Influenced by tachisme ("art informel")