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GOD ART: Beautiful Hue-Mans - Gypsy Smoke (The main reason why Whites/Europeans historically persecuted and marginalized Gypsy Peoples is because they were the progeny and descendants of African, Middle Eastern and Asiatic people intermarrying with, or simply having children with Whites/Europeans. What a shame to miss out on the beauty of painting with God's many colors, and textures)


Genetically, Gypsies are of Indian descent. The Romani are an ethnic group living mostly in Europe, who have been traced genetically to a group migrating from the north-western Indian Subcontinent about 1500 years ago. Romani are widely known in the English-speaking world by the exonym "Gypsies" (or Gipsies).


Sinti & Roma. The Sinti are a Romani (gypsy) people of central Europe.[1] Traditionally itinerant, today only a small percentage of the group remains unsettled. In earlier times, they frequently lived on the outskirts of communities.

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The New Nomads

gypsy people pictures | 2011-08-17-kisa-lala-images-new-nomads-IainMckellNewGypsies45a.jpg