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Modern Day Gypsy Life - If you're always on the move, relationships included, with that 3 to 6 year itch then you're living a gypsy soul kinda life. The art of detachment works well for it. Surround yourself with items that you love but are also free to bulk sell or donate. It allows you to experience new items/energy in your next energy spot. Think portable, multi functional, and on sale.


The gypsy caravan was a collaboration between owner Gail Bertuzzi, landscape architect George Workman, and boatbuilder Rene Goulette. Workman painted the decoration around the sleeping nook inside. Goulette’s woodworking skills are evident throughout.

from The Carriage Association of America

the gypsy wagon

Caravan Gypsy Vardo Wagon: The interior of a #Gypsy wagon; the Carriage Association of America.


Gypsy Wagon Interior, love the build in alcove bed in kitchen.....good for when its really cold in winter

cute lil gypsy wagon style trailer with a grounded foundation addition- very chic with fine wood finishes (check out the bathroom!)

from Sprouted Fresh

How fun are these fantastic glampers