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I'm tryna put you in the worst mood, ah P1 cleaner than your church shoes, ah Milli point two just to hurt you, ah All red lamb' just to tease you, ah None of these toys on lease too, ah Made your whole year in a week too, yeah Main bitch out of your league too, ah Side bitch out of your league too, ah House so empty need a centerpiece Twenty racks a table cut from ebony Cut that ivory into skinny pieces Then she clean up with her face, man I love my baby You talking money need a hearing…


I'll start with a song and when they beg me for more I'll make an album. pretty soon they'll be signing me and the rest will be history. ha dreams...


Gu Yong Ha (Yeorim) played by Song Joong Ki in Sungkyunkwan Scandal- perhaps, my favourite kdrama character ever <3

from Diana Rambles

Make New Friends Printable Girl Scout Song Lyrics

HA! Did not know there were more verses to the Make New Friends song. I'd be willing to add a second verse (ending 4th stanza) but no more. Cute! #GirlScouts #Daisy #Brownie