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30 Amazing New Ways to Wear Braids This Summer

Part hair on the side, and begin braiding right below your ear, wrapping hair to the side as you go. Secure with hair band, and run a smoothing serum over hair to tame flyaways and add shine.

Want heartless controllable curls? Here's how: 1. Works best on damp hair. 2. Brush hair to the side, to form a side braid. 3. Wait until hair dries. 4. When hair is completely dry, take out the braid. 5. After taking out the braid, you should already have you hair parted, so then you run your fingers through you hair to loosen them up. 6. I have side bangs on both sides, so I just pin those back with some bobby pins, and then, there you go.(:

from The world's catalog of ideas

weave with braids on the side For Your hair

side swept braids hair styles pertaining to weave with braids on the side weave with braids on the side For Your hair

Big Side Braid: 1) Sleep with hair in braids to make it wavy. 2) In the morning, take braids out and brush hair to make it big and fluffy. 3)Gather hair to the side and loosely braid.


Sweep the curled hair to the side and pin at the nape of the neck. Then, release the side section above the ear.