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Amen:) Getting my hair done this Tuesday! Saying goodbye to the blonde and brown and saying hello to a very different but beautiful color. A little nervous but I always get that way before getting something new lol. Never had this color before but it's very unique yet subtle. I love the colors. Also not getting it trimmed either cause between the Biotin Ive been taking it, and not trimming it, I want it to grow out a bit. :)

First year licensed cosmetologists need help paying booth rent, schooling, etc. if we support them the first year they can actually focus on building their clientele and marketing themselves, DO what they love without the stress!

21 Ways to Spot a Hairdresser | Modern Salon

21 Ways to Spot a Hairdresser - Inspiration

Ok so you've had the exact same conversation 5 times today, you haven't gone to a friend's wedding purely as a guest in YEARS, and you can eat a rotisserie chicken (hunched over a garbage can) in 5 minutes flat (while your client is .

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Our mission statement rings true: Working to ensure that every person we serve comes away feeling touched in a personal and a positive way.