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Hairline Transplant

“One of the best things I have ever done in my life, was having the hair transplant at the Vinci Hair Clinic in London. Exactly a year a go I came here, and I had a bit of hair here, gaps every where and a huge hole at the back of my head.” #Wagner #xfactor #hairtransplant #london #vincihair #hair #alopecia #hairline #feelinggood

Woman Hair Loss Bald Surgery Treatment Hairline Transplant Restoration Result -

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Frontal Hairline Transplant - Frontal Hairline Transplant

Read "Frontal Hairline Transplant" #wattpad #short-story

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Tunio Aesthetics

Fue Hair transplant procedure done by Internationally renowned Dr. Tunio. He Performed more than 15000 successful procedures. We deliver best results with Natural Hairline and Maximum Density. Get your appointment now for amazing results: #TunioAesthetics #fuehairtransplant #hairtransplant #Beforeafter #satisfactoryresults #DHCC #Dubai #UAE Patient BOI is an African-American female with hair loss confined to her frontal hairline and temples. This pattern, called Alopecia Marginalis, is relatively common and is often, but not always, caused by persistent traction on one�s hair. BOI has medium fine hair and a donor density of 1.8 hairs/mm2. Results after only one hair transplant session of 1,698 follicular unit grafts.View Patient BOI's hair transplant photo set


When it is a problem of receding hairline it is more commonly observed in women than in men because when signs of hair loss is observed in women it is often identified as receding hairline, thinning of hairs or excessive hair fall. Thus for receding hairline you must only go for Hair Transplant in Indore