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Haiti News Network

#UnderReported: Clinton Corruption Protested by Haitians at DNC When the 2010 earthquake hit Haiti, former U.S. President Bill Clinton and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton exacerbated the situation exponentially for their own benefit. Bill Clinton was head of the United Nation Envoy to Haiti and was tasked with managing $13 billion [US] in earthquake relief and reconstruction donations. By all accounts, the money never really reached the people.


What Hillary Clinton Did To Haiti, Will Scare You To Not Vote For Her - YouTube Published on Aug 3, 2016 In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews Haitian American Joseph Mathieu a member of the Haitian community that has been in the streets protesting against Hillary Rodham Clinton.


Popular myth-busting website Snopes originally gained recognition for being the go-to site for disproving outlandish urban legends -such as the presence of UFOs in Haiti or the existence of human-