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Laura Silsby was convicted of kinapping 33 Haitian children, was saved by the Clintons, changed her name to Laura Gayler and now works for the U.S. Govt - She works for "Amber Alerts", a service which deals with locating missing children : conspiracy

The 3rd largest city in the USA was founded by a Black man. Jean Baptiste Pointe du Sable was first settler in Chicago, arriving from Europe in 1770s. He married a Native Potawatomi Indian woman (Kittahawa) & founded first trading post in area. The Town of Chicago was organized with a population of 350, August 1833. Born in Saint-Marc, Saint-Domingue (now Haiti), he built the first permanent settlement at the mouth of the river just east of present Michigan Avenue Bridge on the north bank.

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" 99,9%" is the upcoming major debut album by Haitian-Canadian electronic musician, producer and deejay Louis Kevin Celestin, known by his stage name as KAYT...

Riz Djon-Djon - (Ree Jon-Jon - Haitian Black Mushroom Rice) Riz Djon-Djon is a very popular Haitian dish, and remains a personal favorite among the Haitian communities in America. The dish draws its name from the small djon-djon black mushrooms that are native to the island. This dish is made with jasmine rice, dried shredded mushroom (djon djon), shrimp (optional), green peas, spices and coconut oil. Mostly serve as a side dish to be accompanying with a meat dish (griot-fried pork or…

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Founders Brewing Company: Azacca IPA - What better place for a beer made from hops named after the Haitian God of agriculture than right here on my window sill? Hints of citrus and mango make this IPA from Founders Brewing Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan a must try. This pour might not be worthy of the Gods, but this IPA just might be.

Alexandre Pétion was born in Haiti to an Haitian Mulatresse mother and a wealthy white French father (who withheld his name because the child was too dark.) The name Petion came from the French-patois nickname Pichon (which means my little one) Like other gens de couleur libre with wealthy father, Alexandre was sent to France in 1788 to be educated and study at the Military Academy in Paris. Pétion returned to Saint Domingue as a young man to take part in the créole expulsion of the…

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so true. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about the orphans I met in Guatemala.

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Vodou Veves Gallery. Just as specific colors, objects, chants and drum beats appeal to specific loa, so do the veves. The veve used in a ceremony is dependent upon the lwa whose presence is desired. Veves are drawn on the ground with cornmeal, sand, or other powdery substances, and they are obliterated during the ritual. Veve designs vary according to local customs, as do the names of the loa.

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Congratulations Jozy! 🇭🇹⚽️ "Humbled and honored to be named player of the year on behalf of @ussoccer and @fdpradio. I'm nothing without my teammates and appreciate the support of all the #TFC and #USMNT fans. Can't wait to get back to work in 2017. Thanks again for all the support and Happy Holidays!" #lunionsuite #haitian #haitianamerican #haitians #soccer #jozyaltidore

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