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Halal Snacks

from Man of Many

Top 10 Halal Snack Packs in Sydney

Top 10 Halal Snack Packs in Sydney | Man of Many


The Halal Snack Pack (HSP) a takeaway dish in Australia which is the snack version of a kebab #TTDD

from NewsComAu

Only in Australia could something this delicious be invented

Halal Snack Packs: The deliciously open-minded food trend taking off


Under this mountain of cheese and sauce is hot chips covered in melted cheese. Picture: Facebook/Halal Snack Pack Appreciation Society


Halal Snack Pack [720x960] - see for more!

from BuzzFeed

Five Mates Started A Hilarious Facebook Group About Halal Snack Packs

The page is constantly updating with reviews by the minute, and the comment sections can get pretty heated.