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Half linen

The Half Linen Stitch :: Knitting Stitch #25 :: New Stitch A Day


Delantal de lino. Lavado azul sueco, natural, eco - amigable, hecho a mano medio delantal de lino


How to Knit the Half Linen Stitch - directions for both flat and in the round.

Ooo a new stitch! Linen stitch -creates a "tight dense fabric that is very sturdy and durable".. look up weaving 2 colours together with this too (as on plus links to other pretty stitches on this page


Half linen stitch isn’t difficult to knit, and it creates an interesting fabric that looks and behaves almost like woven fabric. Half linen stitch resists vertical stretching, so it’s great for bags or belts or larger garments like a coat. The edges of half linen stitch do roll, but you can easily fix this with …