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Halfling Name Generator

Elvish Name Generator. I've been looking for this for forever! This is awesome! It also has a link to a hobbit name generator! COOL!


A splash of Pathfinder's core character classes. This is a good sampling of the the game's wonderful character designs. The lady in the turban in the background is a cleric. The bare-chested gentleman front and center is a monk, I believe. I just adore the halfling bard in the center-right. And the paladin on the far right has such well-designed armor. I love this image! Learn more about Pathfinder at


♡Sookie Stackhouse♡ Is the main protagonist on the HBO original series True Blood • Also Known As: → Sook • Origin: → Bon Temps, Louisiana • Profession: → Waitress • Age: → 27 • Species: → Halfling • Powers: → Photokinesis - Can generate and manipulate energies to toss opponents away • Telepathy - primarily the ability to read minds • Status: → Alive, carrier of Hepatitis V played by ♡Anna Paquin♡