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Hall & Oates- Sara Smile - Though "Sara" is spelled without an "H", I couldn't hear that during the song and loved it every time it came on the radio when I was a kid.

Hall and Oates - Not one of my most favorite groups but they did have a string of hits you couldn't get away from. "She's Gone" is probably my favorite H&O song.

To see Hall and Oates again in concert, up front and have a backstage pass. I want them to sign my 45 record of Private Eyes. And I want Daryl to sing "Wait for Me" to ME. (I can dream...)

Hall and Oates-all my favorite things: sparkles, magical pink dust, and Hall and Oates. My heart is bursting with happiness right now.

Daryl Hall and John Oates. If you like this photo, join my FB page to see more.

Yes we all know who they are, Hall & Oates, but I see Andy & Tony during the run of the show. What show? Read the book. Delilah's Shear Delights

from Rolling Stone

Hall and Oates' Road to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame