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Charlie Chaplin Halloween Costume. This quirkly little comedian has been charming hearts since the early 20th century.

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25 DIY Halloween Costumes that will make you happy

If I had a boy this age, I would totally make him rock this for halloween. Is this not the studdliest little thing u've ever seen!?!?! so cute

Mens gladiator Halloween costumes and outfits. The best Halloween outfits for 2013 are Men’s Roman gladiator Halloween costumes, Greek soldiers outfits, Hercules and lots more Roman era costumes.

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Kristoff Costume For Men - Look the part of gruff-but-lovable Kristoff from Disney Frozen. Wear a faux-fur trimmed tunic and blue pants. Put on the belt, hat and bootcovers, then you're ready for winter in Arendelle.

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Figure 2.12 Suggested ways of draping some items of Egyptian wrapped costume: (a) The wraparound garment for men or women; (b) and (c) two alternatives for creating a woman's draped gown.Tortora, P. G. & Eubank, K. (2010). Survey of Historic Costume, 5th Ed. Fairchild Publications

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