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Halloween and Pumpkin Photography Ideas

23 Pumpkin and Halloween photography ideas for pictures of kids and candy corn and other holiday fun. Love this kids witch silhouette photo.


Blessings unto thine and thee~ On this hallowed Samhain Eve~ Salute the moon and stars on high~ Thanks to Mother Earth and to Father Sky~ Face the North, South, West and East~ Honour the spirits with a feast~ Smile at goblins, heroes and beasts~ Stoke the fires, give lots of treats~ Most of all, or at very least~ Have lots of fun this Halloween!~~ So more it be 3x3x3~ Love from me to all of you~ Your fairy witch, Eriu ✨


Halloween Night Photography Tips: From Cute to Spooktacular

Most people consider Halloween photography a challenge, but we think of it as an opportunity. Here are essential tips for making the most of your night.


They make me think about that fairy tale, the one with the two sisters, one who liked white roses and one who liked red roses... Their names were Blanche and Rose I believe...