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Trick or Treat Halloween Tree #2 a few changes, glittered pumpkins instead of skulls and different glittered picks by Christian Rebollo


Sophisticated Halloween Trees by Heather Thoming

Black and white is a classical color scheme that is always popular and fashionable. It's great for Halloween too. Here are some decor ideas!


Halloween Tree by Sharpe Designs - could be cute with a scarecrow built into the tree with his arms out to the side and his head peaking around to the side near the top.

from DIY

How to Decorate a Halloween Tree

How to Decorate a Halloween Tree | Entertaining - DIY Party Ideas, Recipes, Wedding & Baby Showers | DIY


Easy version of this expensive one....collect downed branches from yard, place in dollar store metal buckets (plaster of paris), spray paint Branches and buckets black, wrap branches with orange lights. Definitely doing this for Halloween 2012! Front walk will look awesome.