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I'm a fan of the visual effect of Numen's creative interactive installations, a mix between art and design, this one is called 'Net' a series of flexible nets suspended in the air, connected at various points to create an undulating and disorienting landscape. Or, as the designers call it, a "community hammock."


Dragonfly Park, Hoi An, Vietnam | Integrating these kinds of hammock nets into an orchard cage could create a multifunctional structure with both utilitarian and recreational uses.


Community Hammock "Net z33," installed at House for Contemporary Art Z33 in Hasselt, Belgium Coratian-Austrian design Collective Numen/For Use. They describe themselves as designers working in the fields of scenography, industrial and spatial design and conceptual art


For the International Garden Festival at Jardins de Métis/Reford Gardens, Jane Hutton and Adrian Blackwell designed this great public installation called Dymaxion Sleep. It’s a giant hammock suspended over a garden.


paris Les Berges 2013. A 1800m2 floating garden has been moored upstream of the Alma Bridge, on the Left bank. A series of footbridges the promenade makes it accessible to all. Each of the five islands that make up the garden has been designed in harmony with the Seine: lawn, grass, semi-aquatic plants…