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7 Insanely Cute Hamster Videos

Cute hamster videos, what more can you ask for? These are the latest and cutest hamster videos, for your viewing pleasure. Whether you're looking to buy a new hamster or ...

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This real-life “Super Mario Bros.” hamster video is too much cute to handle


The Untold Story of the ‘Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos’ Viral Video

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You'll get a kick out of this adorable hamster video. It's a cute throwback to Godzilla movies, except with a real, live hamster in the role of the monster destroying the city. It's very cool how they made this short video. You have to watch it at least as far as the funny helicopter scene!


Video: A tiny hamster eating tiny burritos will mesmerize you

There's a video on YouTube of a tiny hamster eating tiny burritos; it has more than 800,000 views at the time of publication, and it was posted only Tuesday.


This video will show you one way to sanitize wooden hamster toys by using boiling water. Please ask an adult for help if needed! :) Remember to discard wood ...