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    vintage handkerchiefs repurposed into a curtain

    Ouch, can't say how many times I've passed up a spoon shelf...look at this makeover! Display for my beautiful vintage handkerchiefs. Souvenir spoon rack used for displaying hankies.

    Vintage handkerchief art. Looking for inspiration for something to do with the pretty vintage hankies I acquired.

    Confessions Of a New / Old Home Owner: Vintage Hankies: An Upcycling Project

    Happy Hankies | Rose Cottage Quilts Love this website! This 65" square quilt was inspired by a lovely collection of handkerchiefs

    Vintage handkerchief runner.... my fave colors .. its pretty

    A sweet idea for those precious hankies you want to use but not in the traditional way.

    To go with my mix and match plates and cups! Silverware wrapped with vintage handkerchiefs

    Here is a Vintage Handkerchief Rag Quilt. Each one of my hanky quilts are one of a kind, different and special. I think This one is the nice...

    vintage old hanky hankie wreath find hankies @ Nanalulus Linens and Handkerchiefs www.nanalulusline...

    Framed Christmas hankies in the shape of a tree.

    Made by Eugenia Mitchell in 1972 from hankies collected from 1932 to 1936 by her brothers as premiums from Wheaties cereal.

    Infinity Handkerchief Scarf Infinity Scarf by LuvUniqueThings, $24.00 I've been thinking about the best way to join the hankies for the scarf I am making; I really like this idea.

    The Best Way To Clean Vintage Linens ~ useful for those old handkerchiefs etc. I'v been collecting for my dollhouse

    Vintage Hankies Upcycled & Repurposed: i have a whole bunch of vintage napkins that i scored from my MIL. they were in a cedar chest i also scored.....gotta do something cool w/ them

    Why Don’t You frame vintage handkerchiefs and hang them on the wall?

    How to make a #lavender #sachet #pillow. Maybe with some old cloth handkerchiefs.

    Vintage Handkerchief Ornaments...I HAVE to see if I can track down my grandma's hankies now! This would be a great way to save them!

    vintage handkerchief crafts | ... Janson handmade handkerchief crafts | Indie Crafts |

    How to Make an Heirloom Lace-Edged Hanky for the Bride-to-Be www.craftstylish....

    Vintage hankie butterfly quilt... so pretty! ** This is one of the most beautiful quilts I have ever seen.

    What a great way to do a Sunbonnet Sue quilt! Deerecountry Quilts : Handkerchief Quilt at the Fair

    What Can You Do With Vintage HANKIES Handkerchiefs - dozens of crafts

    Framed vintage hankies. Find vintage handkerchiefs here; www.nanalulusline...

    Brussels Duchesse. One might wipe a tear from one's eyes with this but not much else I suspect. How lovely...