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MAKE MORE MONEY AT CRAFT FAIRS - How to Be the Busiest Booth. Packed full of info on getting ready to sell your handmade products at craft shows, selecting the right ones, ensuring you're accepted, creating a powerful display, selling techniques for introverts and reaching your financial goals.

from Hello, I'm Handmade!

How to Perfect the Packaging of Your Handmade Products

How to Perfect the Packaging of Your Handmade Products, with examples from other makers and Etsy sellers. Because your buyers should think of your products as a gift.

from Launch Grow Joy

How to price your products - with a FREE pricing calculator

How to price your crafts - Are you pricing your crafts correctly? Whether your products are handmade or made by someone else, it's important to price them correctly so you can not only make a profit to invest back into your business, but also to pay yourself and maybe even hire others to help you.

from FeltMagnet

Homemade Soap - How to Make Soap at Home

Do you love handmade soap and want to learn how to make your own? I have been researching, designing and manufacturing my own bath and body products...

What To Say To Make People Buy Your Handmade Products

from Launch Grow Joy

Sell handmade - 30 tips to sell your handmade products

Do you sell handmade products? Whether it's on Etsy or on your own site, here are 30 tips to help you sell handmade products right now.

from Pop Shop America

DIY Packaging Ideas to Upgrade Your Handcrafted Products

What’s more amazing that a well crafted handmade product? How about when it’s gorgeously packaged! I love it when a product is packaged…

from Soap Queen

Talk It Out Tuesday: Preservatives

Which handmade products need preservatives to avoid looking like this moldy lotion?! What kinds of preservatives are out there, why you need them, and if you need them.