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An entry from viva la vida

I'm so blessed that you're all three! Refreshed, Renewed and covered in His blood....make these so much more attractive.


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It goes both ways. Women deserve to be told they're pretty, their efforts are appreciated, and be made to feel secure. But men ALSO deserve to be told they're handsome, their efforts are appreciated, and made to feel secure. If a man treats you like a queen, treat him like a king in return.

2 You are not my prisoner. But theres a catch dont praise another female or show her the same attention you show me. I am very comfortable with myself and know my worth but if I am your queen I should be the only one you get wild for. A true lioness I will not stick around if I feel like Im second to someone else reassure me that no one else can top me that we are in tune with eachother heart body mind and soul. peace #queen #worthy #knowyourworth…