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Handwriting style

My Favorite iPad Lettering Brushes for Procreate

My Favorite iPad Lettering Brushes for Procreate |

How to Create Your Personal Handwriting Style

Despite the widespread use of word processing programs and email, there are still occasions when writing by hand is necessary or preferred, like college essay tests, job application forms, thank you ...

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Improve Your Handwriting Style

How to Improve Your Handwriting Style in 7 Steps. My 17 yr old grandson can not read cursive. They don't teach it to kids anymore. A dying art.

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The Palmer method of penmanship - we started to learn this in 2nd grade and had to practice on specially lined paper every day - in pencil. You didn't get to go to using a pen until 4th grade.

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Altering Your Handwriting {#LoveYourLettering

After learning the basic letter forms, we can make small changes to each component to alter and add style to our handwriting and improve our penmanship.

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