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Hanging Pictures In Your Home Just Got Way Easier

Hanging Pictures In Your Home Just Got Way Easier

Source: LifeHacker Eye Level and Lining up With the Middle: I really like this tip on how to hang pictures. You really want to make sure that it’s eye level and each picture no matter how tall or short, is lining up with their middle. You don’t want to h


Interesting 'rules of the road' for hanging artwork... I'll admit I prefer to just play around with the hanging templates until it feels right... Once that's done (and double-checked with a pocket mirror to make sure it's truly balanced)... Then, I like the idea of checking heights for uniformity (but I just use my nose, shoulder as a guide!)


diy-no-holes-kid-artwork-hanging 3M hooks + plastic wire + eye hooks The kindergarten teachers at the girls' school did this. Each child has a clothespin with his or her name on it. No staples to remove this year!


20 Rule of Thumb Measurements for Decorating Your Home

Gallery Wall Ideas

I maybe already pinned this... but nice guide for getting it right. I think I want a 'gallery shelf' like the 6th pic, so I can change it up, whenever I wanna!


Large Wall Hanging from an Engineering Print

See how easy it was to turn this watercolor Lake Tahoe image into a large wall hanging from an engineering print!


how to hang artwork over a sofa. Too often pictures are hung way too high. Pictures should be centered and hung at eye level. It's undesirable to hang just one small picture. Instead group it with several others or leave it out entirely. This goes for the entire house! (Because I need so much help with this..)