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7 Tricks That Squeeze Every Inch Out of a Small Closet

This idea's a little high-concept, but can help fill any closet efficiently. The differing heights separate clothes by type, and ensure longer items won't drag on the floor. Get the tutorial at The Design Confidential » -


Easy Ways to Expand Your Closet Space

Add-On Clothes Rod: Hang a second clothes rod from the upper rod with lightweight chain. Attach the chain to screw eyes directly or use S-hooks or carabiners. Carabiners make adjusting the height of the extra rod a snap. This system works well in kids' closets since they grow quickly (and their clothes grow along with them). It also works well in an adult closet—you can hang pants on one rod and shirts on the other.


Falta espaço no armário? Aprenda a fazer um cabideiro de roupas simples e barato

Quem vive em apartamento pequeno e não possui um armário espaçoso, sabe que é preciso fazer alguns malabarismos para manter tudo em ordem. Se utilizar uma arara (aquele tipo de cabideiro que fica no chão) não é uma opção viável justamente por ocupar muito espaço, há uma alternativa bonita, prática e econômica para organizar roupas....<br /><a class="more-link"…


The Styled Capsule

Last year my New Year's resolution was to try my hand at the 5 Piece French Wardrobe, and it truly worked to focus my shopping habits. But now our resident style guru Jen has me totally intrigued b...


Gothenburg goodie

Kinda ghetto but gets the job done if no one is going to be entering your closet but you.


Cool Diy Closet System Ideas For Organized People

A built in closet system – functional for a big house : built in closet systems ideas. . building closet shelving ideas,built in closet design ideas,convert closet to built in shelves,how to remove built in closet shelves