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Hannibal Review: “Sakizuke”

Picking up where “Kaiseki” left off, poor unfortunate victim Roland Umber awakens to find himself glued and stitched to other bodies as part of an elaborate mural of human corpses arranged in the form of a big eye.

Hannibal Review: “Dolce” (Season 3, Episode 6)

Hannibal and Will each represent a lonely soul stranded on an island of his own design who discovers he’s not in fact alone. Unfortunately that island by its very nature is built for one, and no fr...


The Savory Spectacle of “Hannibal”

Reflexively turning the ordinary into the alien and vice versa, “Hannibal” has a formal ambition that is rare for television.


Quartermaster Knives Hannibal Review By Echo Foxtrot - BlackSheepWarrior.Com

Today Show: Waterfall Swing Review & Hugh Dancey Hannibal Review

The Today Show co-hosts tried their hand at not getting wet on the waterfall swing and they talked with Hugh Dancey about his role in Hannibal.


KLG & Hoda: Hugh Dancy Hannibal Review & Will Graham Vs Hannibal

Kathie Lee and Hoda talked with Hugh Dancy about his role in Hannibal, his feelings on being in a violent TV show and how Hannibal works with his character.


Amazing Danish Super Studio Hvass & Hannibal is a Match Made in Amusement Park Fairytale HeavenEye on Design | Eye on Design