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Sean Hannity: People Don’t Need ‘Fake News’ Corporate Media Anymore -

from Paul Krugman Blog

Lies, Damned Lies, and Fox News

Sean Hannity featured some Real Americans telling how they have been hurt by Obamacare. Brian Schweitzer called Hannity’s guests to get the details. The businessman who claimed that Obamacare was driving up his costs, forcing him to lay off workers, only has four employees, meaning that Obamacare has no effect whatsoever on his business. The two families complaining about soaring premiums haven’t actually checked out what’s offered, and Stern estimates that they would in fact see major…

from National Review

Krugman: Obama One of the Most Successful Presidents in American History

Via President Barack Obama will not be satisfied until every American who wants work can find a job. That’s why he is working to grow our economy, so middle class families feel confident in their futures and their children’s futures.


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