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Sambusak Recipe - Do you have a 7th night Hanukkah tradition? One brave Jewish heroine that is often celebrated on this day is Judith, whose story is retold in the Book of Judith. Often depicted on medieval menorahs, Judith is one of the most well known Jewish heroines, and sometimes represents the heroism of women throughout Jewish history. It is traditional to eat dairy foods in honor of Judith, like sambusak, a savory pie with origins in Persia.

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Christmas and Hanukkah Traditions and Their Origins

Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker ballet, first performed in the United States in 1944, did much to link the nutcracker to Christmas traditions. German toymakers fabricated nutcrackers from a single piece of hardwood, often fashioning them as unflattering versions of military officers, kings, police, and other unpopular figures. These carved pieces were used as toys as well as, of course, utensils for opening nutshells./

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16 Tasty Hanukkah Recipes

16 Tasty #Hanukkah Recipes! Pick up ingredients at Trader Joe's in Novato.

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Lenox Judaica, Blessings Metal Menorah

Shed new light on a favorite Hanukkah tradition with this Lenox Blessings menorah. Silvertone metal twists and blooms into nine pomegranates, a symbol of fruitfulness, knowledge and wisdom. | Aluminum