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This is me. Finally. It's not about being independent or not having someone to share love with. It's not about trying to find your other "half" to make you whole. You are already whole. And you don't need to be with anyone to see that. Be happy with who your are now.


And why is that. Not for my ex, but for everyone around me. Why do I feel so alone in a crowd. The one time I feel truly happy is when I'm around the one I'm beginning to love, or perhaps beginning to want to love is better. And why can't I tell her so, despite how I feel. It's just fear, fear of rejection. Because if she says no, I'll again be broken.


Mandy Hale - "Happily Single" is recognizing that you don�t need or want to be rescued from your...". happiness, happy, self-love, single-woman, happily-ever-after, happy-endings, single-life, the-single-woman, prince-charming, being-single, loving-yourself, single, prince, fairytales, happily-single, standing-alone, write-your-own-fairytale


I'm so here with things now. It's peaceful here... I like it. I'd rather be alone, lonely - than lonely in the same room with him.